The Beaumont Children

The Beaumont Children


This site is dedicated to the mystery of the disappearance of the Beaumont children.

The disappearance of the Beaumont children in Adelaide in 1966 has become part of Australian folklore. Nobody under the age of 40 was alive when it happened, but few Australians today have not heard of the children. The disappearance is a tragedy that has become a cultural landmark in modern Australian history.

In Brief

Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont left their home at 10am on 26 January 1966, to go to a beach. From their home in the Adelaide suburb of Somerton Park they caught a bus to nearby Glenelg beach. They were expected to return home on the noon bus, but didn't.

Between the time the children left home and the time that they should have left the beach to return, they were seen by at least seven people. Five of these people saw the children with a man, but the last, a postman, saw nobody with them.

Neither the children nor the man were seen again. In the following days and weeks a massive search was mounted for the children. Nothing was found.

A psychic named Gerard Croiset became involved, but despite massive publicity he failed to locate the children. He declared that their bodies were under the concreted floor of a warehouse. They weren't.

Two years after the disappearance of their children, the Beaumonts received a letter written in a hand similar to that of Jane, their elder daughter. Mr Beaumont was supposed to meet "The Man" for the return of his children, but "The Man" never appeared and nor did the children. Other leads have also proven false.

On Saturday, 25 August 1973, Joanne Ratcliffe and Kirste Gordon were abducted from Adelaide Oval in Adelaide and disappeared without trace. The description of their abductor closely matches that of the suspect in the Beaumont children disappearance.

Further information:

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NEWS: (25 January 2012) American man claims to be Grant Beaumont.

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